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digital marketing services in Malappuram Nazal Digital

Cultural Roots and Educational Pursuits

Hello there! I’m Nazal, and I’m delighted to welcome you to my corner of the digital world. I was born and nurtured in Kerala’s magnificent Malappuram district, and I’ve had an amazing journey that has influenced both my personal and professional lives.  I embarked on my educational path at the University of Delhi, where I pursued my passion for Arabic, a degree that not only broadened my linguistic skills but also expanded my cultural horizons.

Evolution from Graphic Design to Digital Marketing

Along with my academic pursuits, I came across a passion for the ever-evolving field of graphic designing and digital marketing. My early professional experiences led me to the vibrant city of Trivandrum, where I honed my skills as an online marketing consultant. This stage of my career inflamed my passion for developing effective online tactics and gave me insightful knowledge about the digital world. 

Melding Creativity and Strategy in Digital Marketing

 As a graphic designer turned digital marketer, I take great pleasure in generating engaging content by skillfully fusing the science of marketing with the art of design. Apart from my work at Ingrain, I enjoy working as a freelance digital advertising specialist and taking on other projects that let me meet people from different backgrounds and discover new things. Whether it’s designing visually stunning graphics or devising digital strategies that leave a lasting impact, I’m always eager to take on new challenges.


Our mission is to create visually captivating and tactically competent digital campaigns by expertly combining the fundamentals of marketing with the art of design. I want to take brands and companies to new heights and leave a lasting impression in the always changing internet space through persistent creativity and a dedication to remaining on the forefront of industry trends.


At Nazal digital, we envision a digital landscape where strategy and creativity come together to create powerful bonds between marketers and their target markets.  Our primary objective is to be a source of hope in the ever-changing world of online marketing, enabling people to realize the limitless potential of the digital sphere and businesses to prosper.

Our Process

Developing Your Customized Plan

Initial Consultation

Kick start our journey with a personalized consultation. Here, we get to know each other, your particular objectives, and the extent of your digital marketing requirements. This step establishes a foundation for a customized approach, whether it takes the form of an in-person meeting, a virtual conference, or an in-depth email exchange.

Customized Proposal

Following our consultation, I'll craft a customized proposal that outlines the digital marketing services best suited to meet your objectives. Timelines, a clear summary of expenses, and a breakdown of strategies are all included in this. No surprises; just a well-defined path to success.

Strategy Development

It's time to get creative once we're in agreement on the proposal. I'll create a thorough digital marketing plan that makes use of the most recent insights and trends. This step is all about creating the prerequisites for success, whether that means improving your online presence, coming up with interesting content, or optimizing advertising campaigns.

Implementation and Execution

After the strategy is established, we proceed to the implementation stage. This is where the magic happens. From designing visually stunning graphics to deploying targeted advertising campaigns, every step is carefully executed with precision. I keep you informed about our progress by giving you regular updates.

Continuous Optimization and Growth

The field of digital marketing is constantly changing. After putting our strategies into action, I don't stop there. I keep an eye on them, evaluate them, and make adjustments to make sure they keep up with evolving trends. Your digital presence will continue to flourish and grow as a result of this constant dedication to improvement.

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